Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Honey, I'm Home

It has to start somewhere.  A life, a journey, this blog.  For far too long I have been tiptoeing around the idea of writing what I see and live everyday.  No longer.
            My work as an interior designer allows me a pretty thorough exploration of Los Angeles.  People who don’t live here ask me about the good weather and movie stars – and we certainly have those things.  But what’s really exciting are the ocean and the mountains, the intense metropolis with one of largest creative communities on the planet, all of the art and music and architecture and design that a nerd like me could want, millions people from everywhere on the planet (and their languages, food and cultures).  It is easy to be inspired almost daily as I hunt for good design and beautiful things, seeking out the pioneers who are doing it differently, better.   I’m hoping to use this space to examine what I see on a regular day, to show you what’s being created and to talk about the good work and good life all around us.  I hope you’ll find it interesting, Los Angelino or not.
When my husband was 9 years old, he made this drawing of his family home in Seattle.  He drew it all from memory, from the keyhole windows to the VW bus in the driveway.   I’ve had it hanging in my studio for years, and each time I look at it I am reminded of the power of home.  I am lucky that my job is to help people to create the places where they live and work.  It is incredibly fun, but I take it seriously.  These are the spaces where we spend the most time, the spaces where we gather with our tribes, the spaces that serve as refuge and retreat.  Each time I design, my mission is to transform what I see into a home that can be drawn from memory.

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