Wednesday, March 11, 2015

all the single ladies

I get asked all the time about the style of design that I make.  Is it modern? Traditional? Eclectic? Its a question I'm always hesitant to answer, mostly because I'm not really sure I have one.

I have designed homes all over the country, and each has its own particular quirks and characteristics because of the place it sits on the map. The people who inhabit those homes are much the same.  None of my clients has been entirely interested in pure modern, traditional or eclectic and everybody has their quirks. And since I like to think that I always design with the client in mind,  I'd say that my design style is as varied, as diverse, as quirky as they are.

I've been hard at work on two apartments in Los Angeles that are a perfect illustration of this point.

The first space is a uber modern loft in a new building in Mar Vista.  My client here is a woman with a busy life and a demanding career that has her traveling a lot, so it was my goal to create a comfortable, colorful space that welcomed her when she got to spend precious time at home.

Here is where we began:
Polished concrete floors, shiny steel appliances and large, white spaces. A slick, clean slate for sure, but not much warmth.
The living room was tabula rasa.
Great windows with garden views in the loft bedroom, but all of them covered with horrible plastic vertical blinds.
Now it looks like this:
A vintage credenza is paired with a mod pedestal table and red chairs with incredible hairpin legs. Perfect. I love the combo of the cow hide rug and the woven runner, too. And that's a Banksy print at the base of the stairs. 
My client had lots of beautiful, colorful things that we used everywhere we could. She also invested in vintage furniture and some bold modern art -- much of it by local artists.  This pair is perfect.
This piece. Oh man.  Such a gorgeous beast, and such a lovely contrast to the concrete floors.  
No more big white box of a living room.  So much beautiful pattern, color and texture here. And more Banksy.
The concrete floors, the luxe rug, the marble coffee table.
The super high ceiling in the living room made it the perfect spot for a vertical office. And I am totally in love with the little stool with the grey felt seat.
The loft bedroom is dreamy and calming. The graphic art above the bed  -- created with handmade greeting cards -- is some of my favorite in my client's collection.
White linen replaces those horrible plastic blinds on the windows, and the view into the garden is a bit more serene. 

Apartment number two is in a landmark 1928 building called Casa Laguna in Hollywood. It could not be more of the polar opposite of the loft at the beach.

My client works as a film producer, so this home had to become a place for her to retreat and relax after long hours on set.  Luckily, this apartment (and the beautiful building it is in) has long been considered one of the most beautiful in Los Angeles, so all I really had to do was fill it with things that complemented the architecture here.  There are lots of little reminders of my client's beloved hometown, too.

Here is before:
Andalusian details everywhere. Super-high ceilings and giant windows with views of the Hollywood hills from the living room.
Beautiful hardwood floors.  French doors to a Juliet balcony in the the dining room (and every other room).
And this is after:
I kept things sunny and bright here with cream and grey and lots of yellow. The room is warm and absurdly comfortable.
Beautiful little details.
Color, texture, pattern and sparkle.
My client was in need of the perfect a way to store her incredible shoe collection. it was too beautiful to hide in a closet,  so shoe benches were designed for the entryway.  Now her beautiful footwear is decor.
The dining room.  Red silk draperies are the star here, but there is so much more to love.  Especially those hand carved honeycomb doors.
I love this piece as much as I love the credenza in the loft.  It is incredibly tall and covered entirely in the most gorgeous grass cloth. 
And it has the most spectacular hardware.
Chicago chandelier.

See what I mean? There's no one style at play in either of these homes and definitely not just one type of client.

I don't want to choose, so I won't.

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